Accordeon Festival

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The capital city of Austria does not run out of festivals every year. They cover musical concerts, operas and balls. 

Another festival that not many may have heard of is the Accordeon Festival. This is a monthlong celebration of accordion music in all its forms with more than 50 concerts to be held.

Organized by Freidl Preisl, this event has been going on for almost two decades now. Thanks to this festival, the accordion has become more widely known and much appreciated unlike before when it was simply considered a noisy and low-level musical instrument. 

This year’s Internationales Akkordeon Festival will carry the theme “neighboring countries.” There will be performances from various countries bordering Austria as well as workshop sessions, swing nights, film showing at the Film Casino and musical story-telling session entitled “Magic Afternoon.” 

Reports have it that the accordion originated in Austria. It is also considered a well known musical instrument used in folk music particularly in the eastern part of Europe where Vienna belongs. 

According to Preisl, Vienna is fit to host this kind of festival because of its diverse culture and the people’s strong attraction to music. 


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