Beach in the City of Vienna

Beaches are always a popular summer destination and Vienna residents are lucky because a beach-like environment comes directly to the city each year. This allows them to experience the beach right within their city and enjoy a summer environment earlier than usual. Known as Sand in the City, this area is situated next to the Lothringerstrasse and features palm trees, a swimming pool, Jacuzzis, cocktail bars and a massage lounge. It spans 6,000 square meters of beach scenery in the heart of the Austrian capital. 

A unique attraction here is the sand sculptures featuring famous landmarks and European buildings. An entrance fee is charged to view the amazing sculptures that also provide lots of photo opportunities. You will be in awe upon seeing these sand art works as the people behind them were able to copy even the most intricate designs of buildings and landmarks. And did you know that for this Sand in the City alone, some 1,500 tons of sand were used? 

For the sports enthusiasts, there’s also an activity zone and fitness facilities in place where they can do their thing. Possible activities that can be done here are beach volleyball, beach soccer and boule. 

Nightime entertainment is also provided for visitors. While lounging in the area enjoying great food, drinks and conversation, they can listen to the DJs playing their music or they can choose to dance the night away. 

Vienna’s Sand in the City, considered the city’s biggest beach club, opens on April 28 and will run until the end of summer in September.


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