Best Courtyard Cafes

Cafes are part of the Viennese culture. As such, visitors should not miss checking out some of these great cafes. If you love the outdoors, the courtyard cafes are perfect for you. Here are a few of the best. 

Tian Bistro

Tian Bistro is a vegetarian restaurant considered one of Vienna’s best. Located at the back of the Kunsthaus Wien, the place features bright colors, lots of house plants and undulating floors. The yard also boasts of mosaics and more plants which promote a very relaxing ambiance. It is open until 7 p.m. only. 


The Mill cafe is another relaxing place to visit. With its Asian-inspired decorations, the courtyard cafe features a variety of plants and is partly covered. It is open daily except on Saturdays. 

Das Agustin

Das Agustin offers international breakfast cuisine. The cosy restaurant has a courtyard garden which features an intimate atmosphere as the tables are clustered together. The place may be a little out of the way but you’ll not regret going there. 

magdas Salon

Situated near the Prater, this cafe in magdas Hotel supports a local project. Run by charity organization, Caritas, the hotel hires staff who are refugees which means that the money you spend here goes to a valuable cause. Guests can also read the books they like from the shelves while enjoying their coffee. 



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