Things to Know When Starting a Small Biz in Vienna

March 27, 2016

Austria is well known for its rich culture and history. But beyond its art spanning visual and performing arts, famous attractions that include historical and grandiose buildings as well as exquisite cuisine and delicacies, not […]

Vienna Welcomes Bitcoin

January 20, 2015

Vienna used the Austrian schilling as its currency in the past. But for two decades now, it has been using the Euro as its main currency thereby saying goodbye to tradition. This is after Austria joined the European Union (EU) in 1995 and the Eurozone in 1999. 

With the introduction of the bitcoin, it is expected to give the city and the Austrian country in general another unique European experience. But the use of this new currency is not yet widespread and the Austrian government’s position is still between indifference and hostility. 


Unique Botique Hotels

July 3, 2014

Vienna offers a wide range of hotels that suit every person’s need and budget. From the high-end and modern to the traditional and budget-friendly, any visitor can find one in the Austrian capital.

For those who want to veer away from a traditional hotel setting, there are many places of accommodation that boast of stylish designs and unique concepts. 



Vienna Airport Gets More Share of Austrian Market

March 21, 2014

With the recent launch of new services, Vienna Airport is predicted to increase its hare of the Austrian airport market. Reports have noted that between 1996 and 2013, the airport in the Austrian capital has experienced a rise in its share of the country’s airport traffic (covering a total of six airports) from 75 percent to nearly 84 percent.


Vienna’s First Drive In Supermarkets

January 10, 2014

Drive throughs are common among major food chains today. They’re very convenient as they allow customers to buy food without leaving their vehicles. 

Supermarkets are keeping up with this trend. Vienna, in fact, has just opened its drive in supermarkets courtesy of Billa. 


Palaces Tranformed into Hotels

December 31, 2013

Palaces abound in Europe and Vienna is just one city where these regal structures still rise in grandeur and can still be visited. Many of these palaces and castles are rich in history and although they have been preserved, quite a number have been converted into lodgings. 

Hotel Imperial


Thriving Business at Brunnenmarkt

October 24, 2013

Shopping is always a fun and happy experience especially when you’re on the hunt for food and rare items. In Vienna, the Brunnenmarkt is a place every visitor must explore. Situated in the 16th district (Ottakring) of the Austrian capital specifically in the Yppenplatz square, it is considered Europe’s longest and one of Vienna’s oldest street markets.    

While the place may be abuzz with business, it remains to be very cultural. It is also here where shoppers can enjoy low priced items compared to those sold in the bigger Naschmarkt. 


Putting Up a Business in Vienna

January 6, 2012

Business registration and licenses are covered by the Municipal Department 63 for Commerce and Trade and Municipal district offices. If you want to start your own business in Vienna, here are some basic information which you need to know.

To apply for a business license, one must meet the following requirements:

• Legal age

• Integrity

• No grounds for disqualification

• EEA or Swiss citizen or relevant certificate of residence or a business license for foreigners


How to Get a Certified Used Car in Vienna

May 16, 2010

Vienna is a famous international city where the cost of living can be hi gh. As such, visitors and immigrants who have more than enough funds can well afford to stay in luxurious hotels or fully furnished homes and buy or rent cars to go around the Austrian capital.

Vienna to Open New Cruise Terminal

February 15, 2010

One of the best ways to explore Vienna is through a cruise along the river. This experience is a truly memorable one for many travelers especially the romantic people. The good news is that it will become more exciting once the city’s new river cruise terminal is finally opened to the public.