February 22, 2019

Viennese Etiquette Worth Practicing

August 16, 2013

When visiting Vienna, it is good practice to know how to behave in public and interact with the locals. You can do your research in advance before your trip to ensure that you don’t offend the people in the Austrian capital.

The Viennese people tend to be the reserved type so if you’re in Vienna, avoid being loud. Lower the tone of your voice if possible whenever you’re out touring the city or shopping around.

City Bikes Gain Record Users

August 14, 2013

Using the bicycle as a regular transportation brings with it many benefits. Around the world, Vienna is one city that offers a biking lifestyle to its residents.

In July this year, the Austrian capital recorded the highest number of people using the City Bikes. The bicycles were used 129,279 times during the month which was 45 percent increase from the 2012 figure. In 2012, the number of users also went up by 25 percent from the 2011 figure.

Tour Vienna on a Tram

June 27, 2013

Vienna has lots of tourist attractions that a one-day tour of the city won’t be enough. What’s great about exploring the city’s sights is you can do it in a variety of ways. One unique experience visitors should try for a change is riding the tram system.

A safe form of public transportation, Vienna’s trams are easily accessible to visitors even those going around the city for the first time. The locals call the trams “Bims.” This is derived from the word “bimmelm” which refers to the ringing of the bell as the tram starts to move.

Coffehouse Conversations Revived

March 1, 2013

Human interactions on a social level these days often take place on various social media platforms on the internet. It is here where people share information, experiences and images as well as discuss issues in real time.

In Vienna, however, the traditional salon-style and more personal conversations are being revived thanks to some concerned groups. A series of events will take place starting this March to encourage both local residents and visitors to interact with each other.

Experience the Changing of the Guards

July 9, 2012

If there’s one cultural activity that you need to experience in Vienna, it has to be the changing of the guards at the Imperial Palace’s Inner Courtyard. Unlike those in other European countries, this one is unique because it is accompanied by a musical concert.

Known as Hoch- und Deutschemeister, this event was resumed just recently. It takes place every Saturday from 10:45 a.m. until 12 noon.

Shopping at Vienna’s Most Popular Malls

February 27, 2012

An international city like Vienna in Austria is never without huge shopping malls. The malls are one of the most popular places that local and foreign tourists love to visit to buy souvenir items for friends and loved ones or even for their personal use.

In the capital of Austria, there are several great malls in place particularly in the city center. They are normally open from Monday to Saturday only.

Childcare Services in Vienna

January 6, 2012

Childcare services are a great factor for all parents. Where to leave their kids and who will look after them is of utmost importance as most parents have to work and do not have the luxury to stay home. Luckily Vienna has a wonderful network of child care centers within reach.

Day Nurseries for children below three years have a maximum of 15 children per group and they are handled by a team of four people -2 nursery school teachers and 2 assistants who make sure that their basic needs are met.


High Quality of Living in Vienna

January 5, 2012

Many countries all over the world have experienced economic instability in 2011. Even European countries had their share of difficulties. Despite this, Vienna has maintained their ranking as the number one city with the highest quality of life. Life expectancy in Vienna averages at 79.5 years of age. The less stressful lifestyle is a result of have a thriving economy and a stable political system.


Bike 2 Work Gaining Ground in Vienna

May 16, 2011

Many cities in Europe have been promoting the bicycle lifestyle and Vienna is no exception. Today, this capital city of Austria is also encouraging its residents to bike to work as its way of helping lower carbon emissions and dust pollution.

A recent survey done by a traffic research organization showed that tens of thousands of Vienna residents are cycling to work on a daily basis. Specifically, the Austrian Traffic Club (VCO) revealed that some 34,000 residents of the total 1.7 million currently living in the city are using their bicycles to go to work.

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