February 22, 2019

Vienna Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Day

March 14, 2015

Vienna is just one city in Austria that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day each year. This 2015, avid fans of this celebration donned their green and orange costumes and aimed for the Guinness Book of World Records. 

This weekend, the Burgtheater and Riesenrad are going green for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Meanwhile, the castle in Kaprun and a ski slope in Tyrol’s Soll village will also have green lights to commemorate the occasion. 


Vienna’s Popular Ball Venues

January 23, 2015

The formal balls are a major part of the Viennese culture. There are plenty of them held each year but they’re not limited to only a single venue such as the Hofburg Palace. These balls take place in a number of grand locations around Vienna all of which offer an elegant atmosphere. In fact, not many people are aware that ballrooms were built all over the Austrian capital since the olden days separate from the palaces or the town houses of the aristocracy. 


Hofburg Vienna Ball for Business

January 20, 2015

At the start of each year, Vienna hosts several balls as part of its famous ball season. This is a formal event wherein attendees take part in dance performances that highlight the waltz and other musical entertainment. Dinner is included and sometimes, famous people are invited as guests.  


tanz ist Dance Festival

October 29, 2014

Music is a huge part of Vienna hence it should be no surprise that the city also has active dance groups and events that showcase the dance skills of the Viennese. Unknown to some of you, Vienna is also the world’s dance capital. 

Each year, the Vienna capital holds a dance festival. Known as “tanz ist;” this event is held twice a year. A contemporary dance programme is showcased every June but free dance performances are offered every November. 


Vienna Treasure Hunt

September 29, 2014

This week, those interested to have fun and go on a little adventure can join the Vienna treasure hunt organized by street artist Tabby. This man is considered as Vienna’s version of  well known British graffiti artist Bansky. 

This treasure hunt will go on for a week and will include daily challenges. Those who succeed will be rewarded with one of Tabby’s art works. The map and starting point of the hunt will be posted on the website. 


Wiener Wiesn Fest: Vienna’s Oktoberfest

September 23, 2014

It may not be October yet but Vienna has already started its famous beer-drinking festival known as Wiener Wiesn-Fest or its own version of Germany’s Oktoberfest. Just this weekend alone, the city’s first weekend event gathered more than a million people who were out to party regardless of the dreary autumn weather. 


The Burgtheater

August 19, 2014

Impressive buildings for cultural and entertainment purposes are plenty in Vienna. One of them is the Burgtheater or the Austrian National Theater. Also known as Burg or Haus Am Ring and originally as the K.K. Theater an der Burg, the building is located in the first district just across the city hall at the famous Ring boulevard. 

Since 1888, the building has been used as a theater house by Sellier, a theater company. The Sellier company earlier used a dance parlrour handed over by Empress Maria Theresia way back in 1741.  


Rote Bar: Unique Retro-Themed Entertainment Spot

August 18, 2014

Vienna City visitors looking for a very unique experience in the entertainment scene should not miss going to the Rote Bar of Volkstheater. This place is the home of burlesque carnival called Cirque Rouge which highlights the vaudeville and cabaret culture. 

Taking place every few months, the Cirque Rouge requires a dress code. Specifically, you need to be dressed in the ’20s to ’50s attire when attending this event. 


Room Escape Wien

August 9, 2014

Around Vienna, there are many places that offer various forms of entertainment. But for the young ones who would like a unique kind of adventure, there’s this place that offers an extraordinary kind of game.

Visitors to Vienna who would like to experience a different kind of entertainment, particularly gaming, should definitely try Room Escape. This exciting game is recommended for groups. 


Concert Cafes Only in Vienna

March 24, 2014

Apart from classical music and its world renowned musicians, Vienna is also well known for its cafe culture. Coffeehouses are everywhere in the Austrian capital and there’s even one unique type called the concert cafe. 

Concert cafes are coffeehouses that play live music mostly via the piano. They feature classical Viennese music sometimes with a hint of jazz. Other times, soloists also perform in these establishments. 


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