February 22, 2019

Accordeon Festival

February 25, 2014

The capital city of Austria does not run out of festivals every year. They cover musical concerts, operas and balls. 

Another festival that not many may have heard of is the Accordeon Festival. This is a monthlong celebration of accordion music in all its forms with more than 50 concerts to be held.

Organized by Freidl Preisl, this event has been going on for almost two decades now. Thanks to this festival, the accordion has become more widely known and much appreciated unlike before when it was simply considered a noisy and low-level musical instrument. 


What Makes the Bonbon Ball Unique

February 4, 2014

Did you know that every year, Vienna hosts more than 450 balls? That’s right and the Bonbon Ball is just one of them. 

What makes this particular ball so popular? It is because of its casual approach unlike the others that are very formal. 

The Bonbon Ball is considered the sweetest of its kind being held in the love month of February, specifically on the 28th. This event usually takes place at the Vienna Konzerthaus. It is the only ball being held at the home of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. 


Mozart Week Highlights

January 16, 2014

Classical music remains to be one of the most appreciated musical genres worldwide and people have a lot to be thankful for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for pioneering such beautiful music that’s soothing to the senses. For this reason, Mozart’s birthplace in Austria never fails to honor the famous musician in a special event each year. 


The Johan Strauss Ball

January 16, 2014

Vienna’s ball season does not only feature one major ball event. There are many of them targetted at different types of audience. 

One particular ball that honors a well known Viennese musician is the Johan Strauss Ball. This is normally held at the Kursalon Wien, one of the most exclusive buildings in the Austrian capital. 

Established between 1865 and 1867, this Italian Renaissance style is where the Strauss brothers marked their major successes. The waltz ambiance was established here through the holding of dances and promenade concerts. 


TU Wien Ball for Students

January 15, 2014

Elegants balls are a major part of Vienna’s culture particularly at the start of the new year. The most famous is the Vienna Ball which takes place at the Hofburg palace. 

But perhaps not many people know that the youngsters, notably the students, also have their own version. The Vienna University of Technology students have their TU Ball which is also held at the Imperial Hofburg Palace. This event has a special cause to gather funds in order to provide financial support to students.   


Vienna Grand Ball: One of the World’s Best New Year Events

December 31, 2013

The new year’s eve celebration is always looked forward to by many people from all over the world. A great number of them book to attend special events where they eagerly await the spectacle that go with the celebration such as fireworks display, countdowns and wine. 

Several international cities are known for their so-called epic parties, beautiful light shows and fireworks displays and one of them in Vienna. While most New Year celebrations are out on the streets, the Austrian capital holds its event inside the ballroom which is beautifully decorated. 


Vienna Philharmonic to Mark 100th Year of WWII

December 27, 2013

The Austrian capital is preparing to commemmorate the centennial of the start of the Second World War. The occasion will take place on new year’s day during the popular concent of the Vienna Philharmonic will hold at the start of the new year. 

For this special and most awaited event, peace will be the emphasis on the musical pieces to be performed. One is Johann Strauss’ “Freidenspalmen Walzer. The Moonlight Music piece of Richard Strauss will also be included in the program. 


The Kursalon Wien

December 18, 2013

Vienna has lots of beautiful places to offer to visitors this holiday season particularly those looking for relaxing musical entertainment. Music lovers including the romantics can enjoy a night of music and great dining experience at the Kursalon Wien situated near the City Park in the Ring Boulevard. 

The Kursalon is a popular place during the Christmas season owing to the concert with dinner it offers to guests in a stylish surrounding. The gala dinner normally takes place at the Restaurant Johann starting at 6 p.m.


New Year Musical Events in Vienna

December 3, 2013

Vienna residents and visitors who will be in the Austrian capital this December until January can enjoy the beautiful Viennese music in not just one venue but three. These musical concerts will take place to welcome the New Year and will be conducted by Daniel Baremboim.

Nightspots that Feature Electronic Music

November 24, 2013

Electronic music is so popular in Europe these days. Vienna is one city in Europe that boasts of a vibrant electronic music scene well known worldwide. 

Electronic music is digitally engineered and produces a different kind of upbeat sound ideal for disco dancing. It is mostly played in night clubs in Vienna. The DJ duo of Kruder and Dofrmeister is credited for introducing this so-called Viennese sound to the world back in the 1990s. 

In the city’s club scene, electronic sounds are often combined with techno and disco beats that can be great to dance to.  


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