The Essence of Sigmund Freud

World famous psychologist Sigmund Freud is one of Vienna’s most important figures. And 75 years after his death, this man is still greatly honored in the Austrian capital while his ideas and theories are still being used in schools today. Well known terms associated with him such as ego and Freudian slip are still used by many people worldwide as part of their daily language. 

The Freud Museum which accommodates some 75,000 visitors each year is where people can get to know more about this famous intellectual and famous patients among them he nicknamed “rat man” and “wolf man.”

Visitors have also claimed that although they may not have a full understanding of Freud’s works, they feel connected with them. Many also buy the Freud t-shirts sold at the museum even though they’re not from Austria. A popular shirt design that museum visitors buy is the cartoon style with the famous line “What’s on a man’s mind” and an image of a naked woman incorporated into Freud’s face. 

For its part, the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society (WPV) founded by Sigmund Freud in 1908 has started to put online the late psychoanalyst’s entire writings including some 11,000 letters. 

Freud moved to Vienna at the age of four from what is now the Czech Republic and became a doctor of psychology in the city. He left Vienna in 1938 during the reign of Hitler and settled in London until his final days. 

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