Green Fields of Vienna

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Vienna may be an international city but it also offers lots of green areas where people can relax and stroll around away from the busy city center. The Austrian capital is home to beautiful parks and gardens with well manicured gardens some showcasing flowers of varied types. 

If you want to know where you can find green fields around the city, we share some of them here. 

Prater Hauptallee

This is a promenade and Prater’s main artery lined with chestnut trees. It is a long boulevard stretching 4.5 kilometers connecting Praterstern to the Lusthaus. 

While the strip used to host horse races, it has now become a popular destination for cyclists, inline skaters and baby carriages. It’s also a great place to jog or run and to do some workout. 

Am Himmel 

 Amm Himmel is a green meadow located in the Vienna Woods offering amazing nature views. This was launched in 1997 as a natural monument to Vienna’s forests. 

A forest playground is in place while the Oktagon restaurant offers delicious food to visitors. The so-called “tree circle of life” can also be found here. This featurese 40 trees of more than 20 different species. 

Fischauer Thermalba

The Fischauer Thermalba boasts of a sprawling garden with old chestnut trees, 19th century changing cabins and thermal spa pools filled with fresh cold spring water. 

A popular summer destination, the thermal spa pools were opened way back in 1872. If you don’t want to take a dip in the pool, a stroll around the area can make a relaxing activity. 

Botanischer Garten

Situated at Rennweg 14, the Botanischer Garten was founded by Maria Theresia in 1754. Now being managed by the University of Vienna’s Department of Plant Biogeography, it considered a secret garden that shares a wall with the Belvedere Palace. 

Inside this garden are some 9,500 diverse plant species plus a Greenhouse. It’s a perfect and quiet place to stroll, jog or relax particularly on a weekend.  


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