Green Parks Worth Spending Time At

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One of the best forms of entertainment in Vienna is to take a stroll at the city’s beautiful parks. There are plenty of them open to the public, each with its own unique charm. They also boast of lots of greenery so you can be sure that a  trip there with loved ones or friends will be most worthwhile and relaxing.

Donaupark – This is one of the most popular parks in the Austrian capital where visitors can do lots of activities. They can play a game of chess using the gigantic chessboard and the animal lovers can go to the petting zoo. People who fancy skateboarding or simply love to watch how the youngsters do it can go to the skateboarding area.

Foodies who want to experience dining up in the air and get a grand view of Vienna City can visit the Danube Tower that stands at 252 meters high. The tower features two  revolving restaurants located at 160 and 170 meters.  

Botanical Garden – This area features more than 9,000 plant species. The plants that can be found here are the tropical and rare ones.

Herderpark – Another great area to stroll on a cool morning or afternoon. It features a large area of fruit trees as well as a lovely garden of roses and lilacs.

Vienna Shakespeare Garden – This botanical garden features exclusive and beautiful plants and flowers. And they’re not just the ordinary ones because they’re the special plants and flowers (violets, woodbine, musk rose) described in Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. In fact, the place is described as very fitting for the playwright’s famous plays such as Hamlet and King Lear.   

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