Grocery Shopping Tips

When visiting a new city, sometimes its best to cook and prepare your own food to save money which you can use for exploring other areas. While it’s okay to dine out at restaurants, you can always practice your cooking skills and experiment on that city’s unique cuisine. 

If you’re grocery shopping in Vienna and other parts of Austria, here are some things you should remember. 

Grocery Carts With Coins

Before you get a grocery cart, make sure you have one or two Euro coins on hand. You need this to be able to get a grocery cart. This is because all carts are rnormally chained together and one can be released only with a coin. Don’t worry, though, because your coins will be given back to you when you return the cart in its proper place. 

Grocery Bags

Being an eco-friendly city, Vienna requires shoppers to bring along their own bag when buying at grocery shops or supermarkets. Any kind of bag will do from backpacks and linen bags to a wicker shopping basket. Otherwise, you will need to pay a small fee for a plastic or linen bag at the check-out counter. 

Do It Yourself

Store clerks are not responsible for packing your items in the grocery bag therefore, you should do it yourself quickly. You should find a designated packing area (usually behind the cashiers) where you can organize your purchased items. 

When buying fruits or vegetables, you also have to weight them yourself and print out a price tag to stick on them. Scales are available at the produce section and items have specific codes so check the sign first to press the right button. 




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