October 20, 2017

Horse Racing in Vienna

Austria has always been known for its horses and in Vienna the competitive sport of horse racing is alive and well. The city has three active racetracks that see action on a regular basis from the time the horse race club was organized and founded in 1874. Viewing horse races in Austria has been made open to the public in 1766 by Emperor Joseph II where before it was a sport reserved for the royalty and nobility.

For those who are into this spectator sport, here is a guide on the race tracks: Rennbahn Freubenau. Located in the Prater area in southeast Vienna is the first racetrack ever built in the city. It covers a total land area of 100 hectares (the course itself spans over 15,000 sqm while the parking lot behind the covered grandstands comprises about 30,000 sqm.). It is the venue for the annual Vienna Derby that happens around June. The Rennbahn Freudenau only runs from April to November.

Rennbahn Krieau. Another race course found in the Prater area is the Renbahnn Krieu which was opened in 1878. The tracks span a length of 1100 metres and are covered with sand. It runs races every week of the year except for the summer months of July and August when it closes. Magna Racino. Definitely the most modern of the three (and more glitzy) is the racetrack and casino complex located in Ebreichsdorf in south Vienna. Opened in 2004, the race tracks run from April to early November and is the venue for the Austrian Derby.

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