Insect Snacks at the Ball

The ball season in Vienna has started and for those who will part of the Vienna Ball of Sciences in January, a special treat will be provided for the very first time.

Guests of the Ball of Sciences are always treated to sumptuous dinner during the event. The usual fare includes sausages and canapes. But a new dishes will be served next year and these will feature insects such as the mealworms and grasshoppers.

In addition, table decorations during the event will have carnivorous plants. These include the Venue flytraps that will be sourced from the botanical gardens of the city.

The Ball of Sciences is only on its second year and this will be on January 30th in the Town Hall. Organizer Oliver Lehmann said this unique ball showcases diversity and openness and aims to represent Vienna science in all its excellence and greatness.

For the 2016 Ball of Sciences, American neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel will be the guest of honour. Born in Vienna, he is also a Nobel prize winner.

This event will have tickets for regular attendees and students. The amount raised from the ball will help fund a Vienna University project aimed at helping refugees.


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