Johann Strauss Attractions

The Strauss waltz is one of Vienna’s most popular musical compositions. Johann Strauss is the man behind this world renowned classical music and although he may no longer be around, his music and presence continue to live on in the Austrian capital. 

The Strauss family considered themselves 100 percent Viennese. It was Johann Strauss, the senior, who was responsible for developing the waltz together with his contemporaries. 

Not many people know, however, that it was his son (the junior) who made efforts to sustain the musical form. As such, people all over the world continue to play the waltz until today.  

It was the younger Johann Strauss who composed the world famous Blue Danube waltz. 

For those visiting Vienna particularly classical music fans, there are various places worth visiting that will remind you of Johann Strauss. The gilded statue of the musician in the Stadtpark or the Vienna City Park on Ringstrasse should not be missed. Unveiled in June 1921, the statue portrays the composed in a standing position while playing with his violin.

Also at the end of the park is the Kursalon where Strauss used to perform. The venue still holds concerts until today. 

The Strauss apartment  near the city center is another must-see venue. The place has been turned into a small museum where you can learn more about the Strauss family.

Or you can visit the graves of both the Strauss father and son which can be found in the central cemetery.  

You may also check out the city theaters where operettas are performed. Who knows, you might have the opportunity to find Strauss’ music being played there. 



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