Kagome Sandbox

Traveling with small kids can be quite a challenge but if you’re in Vienna, this is not much of a problem. There are many child-friendly establishments in the Austrian capital that will ensure the safety of toddlers. 

Those visiting the MuseumsQuartier with their little ones are assured of a place where they can entertain their children. Called the Kagome Sandbox, this area is a uniquely designed structure built in 2012 where kids can play with sand. 

Created by the PPAG architects, the idea was to build a temporary summer sand play area with some shade. The structure’s design came from the idea of Simon Oberhammer and Stefanie Meyer who wanted to use living willow branches rooted in a bag of humus underneath the sand. The branches are then interwoven horizontally using one-year-old willow sticks to create a living play house shaped like an onion and one that can grow above asphalt.  

The willow cuttings used in building the play area measure five meters long and are rooted in a soil compartment. The willow leaves, meanwhile, provide a natural shade to the center of the playhouse.  

The sandpit’s name Kagome refers to a Japanese children’s song. It is also a weaving technique in Japanese basketry. It is available now until the autumn season and is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.



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