Different types of market abound in Vienna. Some are seasonal while the others are there on a permanent basis. The Naschmarkt is considered to be the largest and the most visited in the Austrian capital. 

Another market, though, is gaining popularity among locals and foreign visitors although smaller than the Naschmarkt. Called Karmelitermarkt, it is located in the second district in a small square in the former Jewish quarter where Baroque townhouses can be found. 

The Karmelitermarkt has been in existence since 1671 and is open every day but its busiest day is Saturday. Every Saturday, fresh and organic farm produce are brought to the place in large volumes. 

Those on the hunt for cheeses and meats can go to Kaas Am Markt managed by small Austrian producers while those looking for breads baked in a wood oven as well as raw milk products and Alpine salmon should not miss the Slow Food Corner. 

Food lovers who want to unwind while in the area have a lot to choose from what with the many dining places available. Vincent is said to be one of the best restaurants in Vienna while Skopik & Lohn is known for its authentic Viennese cuisine with a twist. 

New dining establishments also continue to be added in the Karmelitermarkt. The Zimmer 37 delicatessen shop and restaurant offers vegetarian Five Elements cuisine while the Madiani just directly opposite it serves Georgian and Russian national dishes. Their breakfast offerings are strongly recommended. 



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