Make Way for the Dragonboat Cup

Vienna is home to various sports. It also plays hosts to different international sports events from football and volleyball to running, inline skating, climbing and the Maccabi games.

But wait! Lest you forget, the dragonboat is also a popular sport in the Austrian capital. Dragonboating is a team sport that requires rhythm, coordination and motivation. This takes place in the great lakes of Vienna and the rest of Austria.

This year, the Dragonboat Cup will take place on June 25, July 9 and July 16. Each group is normally made up of 20 people rowing together through the rhythm of the drum made by the leader standing in front of the boat. Each team tries its best to reach the finish line and it should take them at least one minute to get there.

Vienna’s Dragonboat Cup will have three rounds. The first will be held at the Danube River, the second in Schwarzl Lake, Graz and the finals will take place in Zell am See’s lake.

This competition is not only meant to encourage men to test their masculine skills but it is actually utilized by companies as a great team building activity.

Did you know too that during these races, men often dress up as women and wear other crazy costumes? These men don’t mind at all if they get their dresses wet as long as they have fun and are able to put to work their strength and muscles. 

It’s free to watch these dragonboat races. But if you want to compete with your team, you need to pay a certain fee.

Dragonboats are made of wood in different sizes and designs. Being one of the traditional long boats used in Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands, it is now used in the team rowing sport that began in China more than 2,000 years ago.

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