Modern Public Library

A library is a place of knowledge and should be visited every now and then. It is ideal for book lovers or those interested in doing research.

In Vienna, there are several libraries available for locals and visitors alike. There’s the Vienna University Library and the Austrian National Library among others. 

Those who want to be in a classic setting can go to the Vienna Library while those who want to be in a more modern place can visit the Public Library. Opened in 2005, the library is not only a place of learning but it also boasts of unique features. For instance, one side of the roof has massive stairs which provide access to the top of the building offering fantastic views of the city. At the top of the building is a cafe where one can also enjoy his or her favorite drinks and lunch. 

A modern architecture situated above the Burggasse-Stadthalle underground station, the public library also boasts of glass facades while library rooms are spacious and equipped with internet and audio stations. It was built by architect Ernst Mayr and has three stories with the open staircase connecting to the roof of the Urban-Loritz square. 

Measuring 150 meters in length and 26 meters wide, this modern public library offers 240,000 pieces of books, trade journals and other print media as well as 60,000 electronic media items. 

If you intend to simply visit the library and read books or magazines there, there’s no need to get a pass. The pass is only required for those who want to borrow a book or other media to be taken home. For this purpose, you need to register at the library. 



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