Mozart! The Musical

Mozart is one of Vienna’s most famous products in the field of classical music. And what could be more meaningful for the city than having the Mozart! musical return to the place where the person honored was born, grew up and attained success. 

This month, a new version of the Mozart! the musical was performed in Vienna. The musical performance has been touring the world completing seven performances in seven countries before going back to the place of its birth. In its tour, more than 1.9 million had already watched the musical which features a new song and a love duet between Mozart and Constanze. 

The Mozart! musical in Vienna was staged at the Raimund Theater with Oedo Kuipers who plays the lead role, Thomas Borchert and Barbara Obermeier. Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay are behind the musical which looks into the life of the world-renowned musician. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was considered a rock star during the Rococo period. Although born in Salzburg, he spent the most part of his life in Vienna until his final years during which he was able to compose some of his best symphonies, concertos and operas. He chose to live in the Austrian capital where he achieved success in his musical career. 


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