Nightlife in Vienna’s Tram and Nightspots

Get on the tram in Vienna’s Ringstrasse Boulevard this November not during daytime but at night. Why so, you may ask. This is because the tram has been transformed into a mobile disco this month which happens rarely. 

And if you think that this tram will be stationary, think again. It will be moving all the way around the Austrian capital. Inside the tram are exclusive desks that serve various drinks and there are glitter ball lights as well to create a disco atmosphere inside. And that’s not all because an MC is the one talking on the microphone instead of the conductor. How exciting is that! 

Vienna’s trams were built in the 19th century originally using carriages pulled by horses. The steam trams followed after which they were replaced by the electric tram which operates until today. 

If partying inside the tram is not enough for you and your company, there are other nightspots which you can visit of course. 

There’s the Volksgarten Club Disco in the city center which has been in place for decades dating back to more than 180 years. The place has a rich history and plays house, disco and party music while its interior boasts of 1950s furniture, palms and old chandeliers. Whether indoor or outdoor, this disco club provides guests with a lively party atmosphere.  

Vienna’s party scene is one of the most popular worldwide. Depending on what type of music or crowd you prefer, there’s sure to be a venue you can find around the Austrian capital. 


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