Nightspots that Feature Electronic Music

Electronic music is so popular in Europe these days. Vienna is one city in Europe that boasts of a vibrant electronic music scene well known worldwide. 

Electronic music is digitally engineered and produces a different kind of upbeat sound ideal for disco dancing. It is mostly played in night clubs in Vienna. The DJ duo of Kruder and Dofrmeister is credited for introducing this so-called Viennese sound to the world back in the 1990s. 

In the city’s club scene, electronic sounds are often combined with techno and disco beats that can be great to dance to.  

The Flex is one club which boasts of the best sound systems in the city. The entire stage inside is placed atop huge bass cabinets. A former subway shaft, the place is frequented by international guests and disc jockeys. Electronic music is played regularly every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Guests can enjoy free sparkling water and earplugs if they want to avoid the loud bursts of the bass. 

The Fluc Wanne and Fluc Cafe are alternative nightlife scenes as well. The Cafe on the ground level caters to indie and electronica while the Wanne on the lower street level plays techno music. 

The Pratersauna is also strongly recommended for lovers of electronic music. Opened in 1965 in the Prater Park area, this old-school institution has been transformed into a techno and electro club which has become a party hotspot for the young. 

The Rhiz, although a retro club, also accommodates the latest Viennese electro artists. 


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