Providentia or Donner Fountain

Vienna is home to several beautiful fountains that never fail to attract visitors. One of the most popular and beautiful is the Providentia-Brunnen /Donnerbrunnen in the Neuen Markt area in the First District. 

This fountain created by Georg Raphael Donner was put up in 1739. It features the goddess Providentia holding a large shield showing a Janus head in the center and the four other sculptures surrounding her symbolize the four most important rivers that flow to the Danube River. The  young man symbolizes Traun, the old man is the river Enns both located in Upper Austria while the two ladies symbolize the rivers March and Ybbs located in Lower Austria. 

The pedestal, meanwhile, surrounded by four cherubs holding a fish symbolize the Danube River. 

This attraction was created through the contribution of the people of Vienna and therefore has no signs or decor that relate to the royal family. 

The Providentia-Brunnen /Donnerbrunnen fountain also encountered some issues in the past. In 1770, it was taken away on orders of Kaiserin Maria Theresia who complained that the structure had too many naked people. Fortunately, it was saved from forced destruction and was rebuilt in 1801. 

The original structure made of cast iron is now displayed in the marble hall of Unteres Belvedere while the one that’s on Neuen Markt is made from cheap copper. The fountain basin is made of granite. 



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