Room Escape Wien

Around Vienna, there are many places that offer various forms of entertainment. But for the young ones who would like a unique kind of adventure, there’s this place that offers an extraordinary kind of game.

Visitors to Vienna who would like to experience a different kind of entertainment, particularly gaming, should definitely try Room Escape. This exciting game is recommended for groups. 

Room Escape Wien is a live-experience team game in a get-out-in-time style. In a period of one hour, players need to avoid the nuclear disaster or they can choose to loot the treasurer from the safe of the Vienna International Bank. During the game, players also need to solve riddles, mysteries, brain-teasers and explore the secrets in order to get to the Aim of the Game.

Playing here is also a great opportunity to feel like being a hero even for just a few minutes after solving the challenges and saving the world. Teamwork is key to solving the puzzles fast. 

There are various rooms to choose from such as the Central Bank room and Bunker room among others. And what’s great about this game is it’s suited for a variety of ages. Don’t worry if you’re finding it hard to go through the challenges as there are hosts ready to help you out. 

The Room Escape in Vienna is similar to London’s HintHunt and those who have tried it claims it’s worth the money you spend for the game. It’s a lot of fun, thrilling and an opportunity to have a great time with family or friends. 


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