Rote Bar: Unique Retro-Themed Entertainment Spot

Vienna City visitors looking for a very unique experience in the entertainment scene should not miss going to the Rote Bar of Volkstheater. This place is the home of burlesque carnival called Cirque Rouge which highlights the vaudeville and cabaret culture. 

Taking place every few months, the Cirque Rouge requires a dress code. Specifically, you need to be dressed in the ’20s to ’50s attire when attending this event. 

For those fond of dressing up, women can recreate historical hairdos, makeup and outfits. Popular outfits are the flapper and bobby soxer, poodle skirts and ankle-length gowns. 

For men, the most common attire are the suspenders and fedora which depict the mobster fashion style. Other acceptable outfits for the males are the usual tuxedo as well as the old army/navy uniforms. 

While the cabaret scene used to mean more men are in attendance, today it is quite different as women are dominating the scene. The ladies are also the ones who wear better costumes than men and interestingly, are those who give the howls and whistles. 

The Rote Bar is on the upper floor of the Volkstheater, near the Museum of Natural History and the MuseumsQuartier. Other nightly events that take place are gigs, clubbing events, readings and exhibitions.  



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