Summer Camps for Kids in Vienna

Summer means the children are off from school and have a lot of free time to do what they want. But for parents, this means finding ways to keep their kids entertained and immersed in activities that will enhance their talents and skills. For many, summertime is synonymous to sending children to camps that provide an enriching experience. 

Vienna is not new to this. Each year, it offers camps and programs that provide leisure and cultural activities, excursions and language lessons. Some are exclusive for teens while the others have specific age brackets for kids. There are also groups that accommodate kids of all ages. These camps are normally supervised by bilingual staff and include meals, insurance, emergency support as well as airport transfer.

Depending on what skill or talent you want your child to focus on, there are varied types of camps that you can choose from. They range from the musical to the arts and sports. Registration is required to keep track of the number of kids for security purposes.  A certain fee will also be charged considering that the children will stay in the camp site for several days with free meals and accommodation.

German camps – This type of summer camp enables children to enhance their knowledge of the German language. International students are also involved giving them the opportunity to make friends with people from other Austria and other parts of Europe as well as from Asia and the Americas. The German camp can also include fun activities 

English camps – This can be incorporated with the German camp and ideal for students wanting to learn more about the English language. Some organizations provide fun activities to the young participants such as mountain biking, sailing, water-skiing, trekking and wind surfing. These activities are possible especially when the camp site is near a lake or beach.

Music lessons – This is ideal for kids who are eager to learn to play a musical instrument. It can be on playing the violin, piano, the drums, saxophone and many others.

Sports camps – This kind of summer camp is best for kids who love to engage in a sport activity. It can be on swimming, basketball, football, gymnastics and many others.

What’s important when you send your kid to summer camp is you are assured of their safety and nutrition while they’re away from home. Let them experience this if possible to develop not only their talents but their sense of independence as well.

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