Supermarket of Art

What most people think when they hear the word supermarket is food and other grocery items for sale. But in Vienna, they have this unique kind of supermarket which sells artworks. 

Called Kunstsupermarkt or the Supermarekt of Art, this place is an art fair run by international artists. The aim is to offer artists from around the world a venue where they can showcase their art creations and establish new networks. More than 5,000 original works done by some 90 contemporary artists coming from 13 countries are featured at the venue.  

Situated in Mariahliferstrasse, this art fair opens every October and runs until January of the following year. It is patterned after the art supermarkets that opened in other European cities beginning 1998 such as those in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany. Art pieces that can be found herer include paintings using watercolor, oil and acrylic as well as sculptures and photographic work. They are all displayed neatly on racks while paintings are hanging on walls and unlike the usual art works that command a high price, those at the international fair are priced from a low of 50 Euros up to 300 Euros. 

Vienna’s own Supermarket of Art began in 2007 and since then has featured hundreds of young and promising artists from the city and other parts of the world. It has also been very successful in making art more accessible and even affordable to the general public. So while you’re in the venue, you buy art similar to when you’re buying your needed grocery items. 



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