TU Wien Ball for Students

Elegants balls are a major part of Vienna’s culture particularly at the start of the new year. The most famous is the Vienna Ball which takes place at the Hofburg palace. 

But perhaps not many people know that the youngsters, notably the students, also have their own version. The Vienna University of Technology students have their TU Ball which is also held at the Imperial Hofburg Palace. This event has a special cause to gather funds in order to provide financial support to students.   

This year, the TU Ball is scheduled on 30th January starting at 9:30 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. The ladies are required to wear long evening gowns while the men can choose  between the tail coat, tuxedo or black suit with bow tie. With regards to the dress code, the  TU Wien Ball Committee believes in “being overdressed than underdressed,” a quote from famous British fashion authority Viviane Westwood. 

A highlight of this ball is the live orchestra music to be performed by the orchester of TU Wien. Juan Pablo Simon will be the conductor. Featured music for this event are classical waltz, big band sound, New Orleans jazz and Latin American rhythms. 

The TU Ball is one of the oldest events in the Austrian capital. It originated in 1815 during the Techniker-Kranzchen event which was held regularly since the establishment of the then Polytechnic Institute (now the TU Wien).  



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