A Unique Dining Experience at Palmenhaus

Dine in a greenhouse? In Vienna, you can – and in style, too.

Visit the Art Nouveau Palmenhaus, which literally means palm housem an out of the ordinary greenhouse with lots of greenery around you. Originally built in 1822, the Palmenhaus was rebuilt in 1901 as a Jugendstil greenhouse and eventually converted into a café-restaurant. It now boasts of a glass roof which makes for a romantic dinner setting. 

Palmenhaus Restaurant Vienna

Situated in the Innere Stadt central district amid the flower-filled Burggarten near the Museum Quarter and the city’s shopping district, this greenhouse turned café-restaurant offers a very relaxing atmosphere fit for savoring scrumptious Vienna cuisine. While waiting for your food, you can just sit comfortably under the palm trees and exotic plants. Beautiful butterflies are also around and some of them may even get close to you. 

Palmenhaus offers the classic Viennese cuisine but with a modern twist. Some of their popular dishes include tender pheasant breast with boletus mushroom dumplings and elderflower sorbet. Other food you can savor there include croissants with jam, eggs and fruit for breakfast and a variety of salads, white asparagus and cheese plates for lunch and dinner. 

What this place also offers is amazing views of the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Palmenhaus is surrounded by glass walls but it still lets you see clearly the beautiful environment outside. 

This historic building underwent a $17 million renovation work in 1988 for safety reasons and reopened to the public 10 years later in 1998. The Imperial Butterfly House “Schmetterlingshaus” is also within this structure. It features some 400 butterflies 150 of which are exotic species.

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