Unique Spa Treatments in Austria

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Austrians love to pamper themselves for health, wellness and relaxation. This is the reason why many spa centers exist in Austria’s major cities including the capital Vienna. And apart from the usual services they offer, some of these spas offer one of a kind treatments. 


This treatment is offerd at Lebensquell Bad Zell health hotel in Muhlviertel. Using the so called therapeutic radon water, the establishment offers a full-body cryotherapy considered the most modern in the country. The cold chamber used in this treatment looks similar to an oversized refrigerator with a steady temperature of 110 degrees celsius. Once you’re out from the chamber, you’ll then proceed to the bear cave or the Barenhohle to warm up and relax your body. 

Fruit Treatment

The use of fruits and other regional products is the main feature of the traditional Styrian medicine treatment. Apple juice and linseed oil are normally used in an apple detox massage. Another option, although a sticky one, is the hot stone therapy that uses honey and herbal oil. 

Kneipp Cure 

If you’re up for the challenge, you can try the Kneipp therapy which uses freezing later. Carried out by the Sisters of Mary in their three facilities in Upper Austria, the Kneipp cure aims to strengthen the body via short bouts of treatment using cold water. The use of freezing water is known to help in blood circulation. 

In a Kneipp bath treatment, the feet and ankles are first submerged in hot water containing herbal ingredients and then immersed in cold water. It’s a hot and cold water treatment with the goal of reducing fluid retention in the lower legs. 

Leech Treatment

This may seem unattractive to some people but some including Hollywood actress Demi Moore recommends it. As its name suggests, this treatment uses leech as a form of body detoxification. 

Before undergoing this therapy, though, one has to first shave and immerse in turpentine. 

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