Vienna Culinary Tours

Foodies from around the world visiting Vienna will surely not be disappointed. They have a wide range of choices when it comes to the food and drinks they can taste while in the city. 

And a must-try is the culinary tour offered in Vienna. This tour will let you experience the Austrian capital’s coffee house culture and its Heurige wine taverns. 

The guided culinary tour of Wien bewegt is led by David Bergl and visits selected restaurants (at least two or three) offering Viennese cuisine as well as wine taverns or coffee houses using a mini van. This kind of tour is a great opportunity to experience the history, food and culture of Vienna at the same time.    

Another option is the Peter’s Indulgence Walk that takes visitors through Vienna’s Naschmarkt for two hours. Participants are sure to learn about the city’s interesting facts and taste a wide variety of specialties. 

There’s also the Vienna Sensory Tour with Bianca Gusenbauer and Elisabeth Buchinger. This three-hour tour covers two routes through the Gratzel districts – one starts at the Hannovermarkt in the 20th district and the second covers the Kutschkermarkt in the 18th district. For this tour, visitors will stop by three stations where they can taste food and receive sensory training. 

The team of Ganseblumchen, on the other hand, takes visitors to selected areas where they can enjoy special food tastings in five or six locations. This tour takes three hours.  


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