Vienna, Austria

Name: Vienna
in German: Wien
Country: Austria
Area: 414.90 km2 (160 sqm)
Population: 1,680,266
Language: German

Where is Vienna, Austria?It’s really no wonder that the capital Vienna is the most popular tourist hotspot in Austria and arguably even the world – it’s beautiful, it’s diverse and it offers something for practically every type of personality out there. Whether you like museums, opera, theatres, architecture, the Viennese cuisine or coffee houses, outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing, Vienna has you covered.

The citizens of Vienna are as equally diverse, with its inhabitant’s religions varying from Roman Catholic, to Muslim, to Jewish and even many agnostic minded people. With such a diverse set of people all living together, you would think tensions would be high, however it is not. Everyone co-exists merrily and Vienna welcomes foreign tourists into their beloved city with open arms.

Some of the more popular modern attractions include (in addition to the cities numerous breathtakingly beautiful architecture spots) the Stephansdom, Hundertwasserhaus, the view from the Donauturm, the Sacher Hotel, and the Austrian United Nations headquarters. Those are to name just a few as there are just so many different things to do in Vienna that offer both historical perspective type experiences or just plain old fun.

Vienna is composed of 23 different districts so it’s an incredibly large city – even by capital city standards. In addition to holding host to the United Nations, Austria also hosts its OPEC branch in its capital city of Vienna as well.

In 2001, Vienna was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

No matter if you’re new to taking vacations abroad or a veteran whose already been to many cities and countries worldwide, Vienna is sure to take your breath away and likely cause you to become a repeat visitor.

Discover Vienna, Austria

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