Three major palaces are in place in Austria’s capital of Vienna. One of them is the Schönbrunn Palace built in the middle of the 18th century. It served as the Austrian royal family’s summer residence. When viewed from the outside, the building stands tall and proud. And unlike other palaces that limit visitors to the areas they can explore, the Schönbrunn palace offers a variety of things to do for people.

Inside the complex, you will find beautiful formal gardens such as the Kammergarten that showcases colorful flowers and an attractive landscaping design. Also there is Neptune’s Fountain considered one of Europe’s most impressive fountains and a reflecting pond. Plant lovers should not miss visiting The Palm House which features a uniquely designed glass house containing different types of tropical plants.

Visitors who love to walk will be happy to know that the Schönbrunn palace grounds have hike trails for easy access to various areas. For those who want to explore the entire area but are not fit for long distance walking can always take the carriage ride.

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