Vienna Wants Less Cars

Vienna is one city committed to reducing its carbon footprint for the long term. It has already implemented several measures in line with its green campaign such as the use of electric buses and cars. This is in addition to its already existing biking lifestyle. 

For now, the ultimate goal of the Austrian capital is to reduce its car traffic by 80 percent by 2025. By then, trips around the city will only be made by bicycle, by foot and a little by public transport. The city’s Vice Mayor made the announcement saying that traffic is a major consideration in their development plan. The plan also includes the addition of U5 line which will run from the western part of the city to Karlplatz. 

Right now, only slightly more than 6 percent of total trips are made through biking, 28 percent by foot and 39 percent by public transport. 

As for trips taken by cars, the Vienna city government aims to reduce it further to 20 percent from its current 27 percent. If this goal is reached, an estimated 140,000 people will not be using their car on a daily basis. 

This effort towards controlling traffic is being pursued by the city as a result of its growing population. Last year, Vienna’s population rose by 30,000 and this translates to more people using vehicles making the thoroughfares very busy. Currently, the city’s population stands at almost 2 million. 




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