Vienna’s Cake Club

Enjoying cakes and pastries together with coffee is a well known ritual in Vienna. In fact, the Austrian capital is home to plenty of patisseries or cafes that specialize in pastries and cakes or Konditoreien in Viennese. In the afternoon as well as on weekends, people young and old alike usually head to these cafes to enjoy their favorite snacks with friends or loved ones. 

Right now, a local cake club exists in Vienna. Called the Clandestine Cake Club, this was originally organized in the U.K. and individual clubs gather in secret locations around the world on a regular basis to share their homemade cakes and meet new friends. 

The Vienna cake club was organized in June this year and each month, it follows a theme which serves as inspiration of the cakes members bake. It is free to join the club which is open to both men and women regardless of nationality and baking skills.   

Members of the Clandestine Cake Club meet every month usually in the home of one member. For next year, however, they plan to use other venues such as a cafe, coffee shop or book shop. 

Emma Boon is behind the Vienna branch of the cake club. An accountant by profession, Boon said she loves sharing homemade cakes and learning the many techniques with other people who have the same interest. She emphasized that home-made cakes are made with love and hard work unlike those made in factories. 



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