Vienna’s Popular Ball Venues

The formal balls are a major part of the Viennese culture. There are plenty of them held each year but they’re not limited to only a single venue such as the Hofburg Palace. These balls take place in a number of grand locations around Vienna all of which offer an elegant atmosphere. In fact, not many people are aware that ballrooms were built all over the Austrian capital since the olden days separate from the palaces or the town houses of the aristocracy. 

Did you know that Vienna has an estimated 150 public balls? They take place in the first three months of every year and they feature the famous Viennese Waltz. 

Apollo Saal 

The Apollo Saal was completed in 1808 on what is now Zieglergasse in the 7th District. It features five grand ballrooms, 44 drawing rooms, three huge conservatories and 13 kitchens. All these rooms are adorned with chandeliers, flowers, grottos and a lake with real swans is even in place. 

Hofburg Palace

The Hofburg Palace is well known for its elaborate and stunning decorations. The winter palace of the Hasburg empire in the olden days, the main ballroom used to be the grand hall of the former emperor. It features high painted ceilings as well as large and elegant cyrstal chandeliers. 

This palace has a total of 18 wings, 2,550 rooms and 19 courtyards. It spans 240,000 square meters and features various architectural styles such as the Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Classicism. 

Vienna Musikverein

Musikverein Wien opened in 1870 and it is famous for being the venue of the Vienna Philharmonic ball. This particular ball takes place in the Golden Hall of the building considered as one of the world’s most imposing concert halls. While the members of the world-renowned Philharmonic Orchestra perform with their instruments at this event, it is only during the introduction part after which they are free to enjoy dancing with their peers, friends and other guests. 

The Musikverein building also hosts the yearly New Year’s Day concert in Vienna and boasts of 16 magnificent chandeliers. 

Vienna City Hall 

The Festival Hall of Vienna City Hall is also a preferred ball venue in the Austrian capital. Newly renovated, the venue usually hosts the Flower Ball participated in by the garden workers of the city. 

Built in the 19th century, the Festival Hall used to be the largest in Vienna measuring 71 meters long and 20 meters wide. Apart from balls, it also hosts concerts and exhibitions. 


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