Waltz Dance Lessons

Vienna is the place where the waltz music and dance originated. Thanks to Johann Strauss, this music and dance became known worldwide and up to know is still being appreciated by people from all walks of life. 

It’s interesting to note as well that in Austria, people there actually start their new year dancing to the famous Blue Danube Waltz. This music by Johann Strauss is usually broadcast by public radio. 

Additionally, the Viennese Waltz is a major part of Vienna’s culture and is considered a rite of passage for the youth. More importantly, it is an essential part of any festive ball in the city. 

If you’re one person planning a trip to Vienna and one who’s interested in learning to dance the waltz, there’s an opportunity to enrol in a short dance session while you’re in the Austrian capital. This dance in three quarter time is not difficult to do. 

Numerous dance schools in Vienna offer lessons in waltz. You can join a group class or you can choose to do it one-one-one. 

The Elmayer is one of the most prestigious dance schools in Vienna that offers ballroom lessons. Situated in the Pallavicini Palace, this school was established in 1919 and is associated with a sophisticated Viennese lifestyle. 

If you’d like to join other tourists, you can enrol at the Waltz in Vienna. This particular school offers private lessons for singles and couples in a number of imperial locations in the city. 



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