Watersports to Enjoy in Vienna

Summer is here and what better way to enjoy it than to get wet by engaging in watersports or just get close to the waters. In Vienna, visitors and locals have many choices when it comes to these activities. 

The older ones can have fun boating and the best place to do it is the Alte Donau. The curving stream will let you see the residential neighborhoods to the northern part of the Danube River. Boat rental is available at An der Obere along the Danube. There are kiosks there that offer boat, canoe or kayak rental. 

To those who want to swim, Vienna has several outdoor pools such as the one in Prater considered to be the most modern while its hotels have their own as well. Take note that the Danube River is not fit for swimming due to pollution and a dangerous undertow in the main river. The beaches on islands in the Alte Donau Canal are ideal only for relaxing with loved ones and friends on the sand and socializing with other guests there. 

For the younger ones including the sports enthusiasts, sailing, windsurfing and canoeing can be enjoyed in the lakes and rivers. The areas from Bodensee  or Lake Constance in the western section to Neusiedl See or Lake Neusiedl in the east are the best spots to enjoy the watersports you love to do. Swimming can be enjoyed here.  

The sailing season in Austria starts in May and lasts until October. To those who are eager to learn to windsurf, most sailing schools in the country now offers this sport. 



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