Why the Viennese Love Yoga

Yoga is good for the body and soul. Many people around the world love to do yoga and the Viennese are no exception. 

In fact, Vienna holds a yearly yoga convention and this event is now on its second year. This year’s Joya yoga cnvention was held in the Augarten park with more than 5,000 people in attendance both the fitness enthusiasts and even those who are not huge fans of physical fitness but who would like to get started on yoga. 

This free event teaches the different yoga postures. Several fitness instructors are normally on a stage as they demonstrate how the varied postures are done.  

Free bottles of water and more than a thousand yoga mats are also provided for the people. Additionally, vegan food and drinks are sold at the venue. 

An official of the event’s major sponsor said they hold this yearly yoga convention in the hope of giving people an enjoyable day in the open air. 

Yoga is getting more popular in Austria today as people are recognizing the value of making themselves feel good and improving the spiritual side of their lives. 



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