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Vienna Coffee Shop with WiFi – Complete List

We’ve introduced you to various coffeehouses before, from the most popular to the truly unique. Austria’s capital has over 2500 of them. Vienna Coffre Shop are an institution that is listed as an Intangible Cultural […]


  • Schönbrunn

    SchönbrunnThree major palaces are in place in Austria’s capital of Vienna. One of them is the Schönbrunn Palace built in the middle of the 18th century. It served as the Austrian royal family’s summer residence. When viewed from the outside, the building stands tall and proud. And unlike other palaces that limit visitors to the areas they can explore, the Schönbrunn palace offers a variety of things to do for people. […]

  • Mozarthaus Vienna

    MozarthausVienna, the capital of Austria, is known worldwide for producing a great composer that once lived on this earth. The name is Mozart or more specifically, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



Life in Vienna



Best Vienna Shopping Center

There are plenty of great places to shop in Vienna, from Naschmarkt to MariahilferStrasse, but although it’s great to explore in the fresh air, sometimes you just want somewhere warm and dry to continue scooping […]


Famous Palaces on Ringstrasse

Vienna’s Ringstrasse may be well known as a commercial district but not many people know that palaces also abound in the area. In fact, during the construction of this famous boulevard, several palaces were also built by the royal families and wealthy residents including Jewish families of the Austrian capital. Public buildings also occupy the area along with the 13 magnificent palaces. 

Palaces back then were occupied by the royal families together with their servants. In some palaces, however, some areas were rented out. Other palaces had been turned into hotels.