10 Cheap Vienna Restaurants For The Travelor On A Budget

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Traveling is an expensive endeavor, so you’ll want to save money where you can. Cheap eats abound in any city, but how do you know you’re not sacrificing quality for a lower price? The following list of cheap Vienna restaurants are all recommendations from Vienna locals. With this list, you can get a taste of the city without breaking the bank.

1. The Pie Factory

Courtesy: Joey C./Yelp
Courtesy: Joey C./Yelp

The Pie Factory serves both sweet and savory pies, which make a very affordable lunch or dinner. Their pies range from €4.80 to €5.10 and come in flavors like steak and Guinness, and Thai chicken curry. There are also vegetarian options. Depending on your appetite, you might find the portions a bit small, but you could add a small soup or salad to supplement your meal.

2. Kent

Courtesy: Rita S./Yelp
Courtesy: Rita S./Yelp

Kent is the cheapest option on this list, but they definitely do not sacrifice quality to offer affordable food. In fact, this Turkish restaurant serves the best kebabs in Vienna, and there are plenty of varieties for both meat-lovers and vegetarians. Their most popular dish, the döner kebab sandwich, only costs €3.

3. Kostlich

Courtesy: Miriem L./Yelp
Courtesy: Miriem L./Yelp

If you’re one of those people who has trouble deciding what to order, Kostlich is for you. Their menu only has two main courses each day—one vegan and one vegetarian—and they go for €6.90. Their dishes tend to have an international flair, and they’re always different, so you can come back for lunch the next day and try something new.

4. Zum schwarzen Schaf


The name means “For Black Sheep.” This eatery buys the foods that are too ugly to be sold in supermarkets—the black sheep, so to speak—and turns them into delicious lunches. They have a small menu, and their special changes each day. Prices range from €7.40 to €8.90.

5. Centimeter

Courtesy: Ameer M./Yelp
Courtesy: Ameer M./Yelp

If you have a big appetite, or you want to stretch one meal into two, check out Centimeter. This restaurant is famous for their massive portions, and the prices are very reasonable, considering the amount of food you get. The most expensive items on the menu are actually meant for more than one person. You can order a wheelbarrow of meat for €42; the menu suggests you split it amongst four people.

6. Harvest

Courtesy: Tori A./Yelp
Courtesy: Tori A./Yelp

Harvest is a vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options. Even people who aren’t vegan or vegetarian are wowed by these plant-based plates. Sandwiches and burgers range from €7.70 to €8.80, and the entrees range from €9.80 to €11.90. They also have a delicious weekend brunch menu.

7. Ethiopian Restaurant

Courtesy: Amanda M./Yelp
Courtesy: Amanda M./Yelp

Yup, the name is actually just Ethiopian Restaurant—at least that’s easy to remember. One of the great things about Vienna is that it provides you with the opportunity to travel to other places without spending more money on plane fare. Here, you can get a taste of Ethiopia. And an entree for one person only costs €7.50.

8. Schweizerhaus

Courtesy: Richard B./Yelp
Courtesy: Richard B./Yelp

Schweizerhaus (The Swiss House) is a meat lover’s paradise. They’re famous for their pork knuckle, which costs €17.80. You might think that’s out of your price range, but the serving massive: a whole kilo of pork. Bring a few friends to share it with, order some sides, and the cost will be less than €10 per person.

9. Jonathan and Sieglinde

Courtesy: Helmuth S./Yelp
Courtesy: Helmuth S./Yelp

Here’s something you probably haven’t seen before: a restaurant based entirely on apple and potato dishes. Jonathon and Sieglinde are actually popular varieties of apples and potatoes, respectively. With such affordable ingredients, everything on the menu is affordable. All the items on their rotating lunch menu cost €7.50 or less, and you can order dinner for less than €10.

10. Purple Eat


Purple Eat is both an eatery and an advocacy organization. All of the chefs are asylum seekers residing in Austria. Purple Eat provides them with a place to work, since they cannot be formally employed while their asylum applications are under review. These chefs serve cuisine from their home countries, so you can eat around the world without ever leaving this restaurant. An entree is only €7, and all the money goes to support the chefs.

Depending on your diet, and how long you’re staying in Vienna, these ten restaurants could last you for your whole trip. When you know exactly where to go for affordable meals, anything is possible.


Featured image courtesy: Christian Kadluba/Flickr

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