Audio Walking Tour in Vienna

Vienna is best experienced through a tour right there in the city. But if this is not possible, there is still an opportunity to explore the Austrian capital right in the comfort of your own home or office. This can be done through the popular audio walking tour of Vienna.

This walking tour by Elyse Weiner, a journalist and Emmy Award winner, enables listeners to imagine themselves being in the Austrian capital through words and sound effects. Running for an hour and 38 minutes, this walking tour published by iJourneys describes the landmarks around Vienna with vivid descriptions and backgrounds on how they came about.

Weiner’s tour takes listeners to the Cathedral Spire describing the cannonballs embedded there that were fired by the Turkish invaders 500 years ago to the winding streets where famous musician Mozart grew up and the place where he performed at the young age of six. The audio walking tour will also take you to the city’s intellectual coffee houses, the apartments where emperors lived for almost a thousand years, the Holocaust Memorial, public toilets designed by a well known architect and through the hidden courtyards.

A former journalist working for America’s biggest television networks such as ABC, NBC and CNBC, Elyse Weiner has been traveling the world both for work and leisure. Traveling, for her, is compelling although sometimes exhilirating. She started eight years ago, the first to pioneer self-guided MP3 walking tours of various cities of the world. Her first major TV assignment then as a television news producer was to cover the fall of Berlin in Germany.

Visit iJourneys at and click on the photo of Venice to listen to the audio walking tour.

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