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Viennese waltz dance costume

Viennese Waltz Music History Info & Pro Dance Lessons

Music and dance are some of Vienna's greatest pride. The Viennese waltz, in fact, is famous worldwide and used in formal balls. 

Although a form of music, the Viennese Waltz actually refers to a type of ballroom dance. It is the original and oldest form of the waltz and the first ballroom dance performed in the so-called close hold position (man and woman holding close to each other while dancing). 

Football Clubs in Vienna

Football is a popular sport in Vienna. In fact, the Austrian capital has some of the world's oldest and most successful football clubs. The national team of Austria is also based in the Ernst Happel stadium in the Prater Park. 

The two major football teams that compete against each other are the Rapid Wien, Austria Wien and First Vienna. The Rapid Wien, though, is considered the oldest club. 

Rapid Wien 

Why Living in Vienna Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Living in a new place can either make your life better or worse. But when you choose to live in Vienna or in Austria in general, you'll most probably improve your life as what many expats have experienced. 

How then can living in Vienna make your life and that of your family better? There are several factors that contribute to experiencing a quality of life in the Austrian capital. Keep in mind that the city has been consistent in being in the top spot as the best city in the world for quality of life based on the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. 


Waves Vienna

Music is everywhere in Vienna and festivals paying tribute to various music genre can be experienced all year round. For the month of October, Waves Vienna is the premier music festival. 

Poetry is Alive in Vienna

Being a city rich in culture, Vienna has produced so many great names particularly in the field of arts whether it pertains to visual, performing and literary art. When it comes to the literary art form, poetry is very much alive in the Austrian capital.