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Why Living in Vienna Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Living in a new place can either make your life better or worse. But when you choose to live in Vienna or in Austria in general, you'll most probably improve your life as what many expats have experienced. 

How then can living in Vienna make your life and that of your family better? There are several factors that contribute to experiencing a quality of life in the Austrian capital. Keep in mind that the city has been consistent in being in the top spot as the best city in the world for quality of life based on the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. 

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How to Make Friends with the Viennese

Making new friends provides a great feeling and this people should at least try to do when in a new place. When in Austria or Vienna in particular, it's not difficult to befriend the locals. 

As long as you mind your manners, you can be sure to make new friendships that can even last for a lifetime. Here are some tips that you can use. 

Austrians have a laid-back attitude and they love the comfort of home. Some, however, may appear as unapproachable or unfriendly but this should not discourage you. 

Childcare Services in Vienna

Childcare services are a great factor for all parents. Where to leave their kids and who will look after them is of utmost importance as most parents have to work and do not have the luxury to stay home. Luckily Vienna has a wonderful network of child care centers within reach.

Day Nurseries for children below three years have a maximum of 15 children per group and they are handled by a team of four people -2 nursery school teachers and 2 assistants who make sure that their basic needs are met.

High Quality of Living in Vienna

Many countries all over the world have experienced economic instability in 2011. Even European countries had their share of difficulties. Despite this, Vienna has maintained their ranking as the number one city with the highest quality of life. Life expectancy in Vienna averages at 79.5 years of age. The less stressful lifestyle is a result of have a thriving economy and a stable political system.