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Vienna’s Famous Fine Arts Educational Institution

Talk about arts and culture and Vienna has lots to offer to its visitors. One remarkable institution in the Austrian capital that provides top quality education on the arts is the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der Bildenden Kunste). 

Established in 1692 by court painter Peter Strudt, the Academy is one of Vienna's oldest institutions for higher education. The university offers a wide range of art majors and also accommodates international students.  

Art Vienna

Best Art Schools in Vienna

If there is one international city that has produced quite a number of successful artists in the real sense of the word, it has to be Vienna. This is not surprising at all because the Austrian capital is home to some of the world's best art schools. 

Campus in Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Prestigious Universities in Vienna

The Austrian capital is a center of education and the largest student hub in the German speaking region. It is home to numerous public and private universities and colleges that provide quality education to both Viennese people and foreign students numbering an estimated 150,000.

Here are five of the top universities in Vienna, some of which cater to specific courses.

University of Vienna

Vienna's District 1 is where the old city center can be explored. It is also here where the original and oldest buildings of the University of Vienna exist.

This major educational institution was established in 1365 by Duke Rudolph IV. It is considered the oldest public university in the German speaking region, the biggest in Austria and one of the largest in the entire European continent. It was not until 20 years later, however, that the first university building opened.

Basic Education in Vienna

If you are planning to move to Vienna with your kids, here is some helpful information about schooling. Basic education is compulsory for all children who are permanent residents in Austria. It normally lasts for 9 years beginning a child’s 6th birthday. It is made up of 4 years in primary school (elementary), 5-8 years in a secondary modern school or what they call lower stages of an AHS (academic secondary school providing general education and then there is a pre-vocational year or intermediate or higher level school.