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Viennese waltz dance costume

Viennese Waltz Music History Info & Pro Dance Lessons

Music and dance are some of Vienna's greatest pride. The Viennese waltz, in fact, is famous worldwide and used in formal balls. 

Although a form of music, the Viennese Waltz actually refers to a type of ballroom dance. It is the original and oldest form of the waltz and the first ballroom dance performed in the so-called close hold position (man and woman holding close to each other while dancing). 


Waves Vienna

Music is everywhere in Vienna and festivals paying tribute to various music genre can be experienced all year round. For the month of October, Waves Vienna is the premier music festival. 

Poetry is Alive in Vienna

Being a city rich in culture, Vienna has produced so many great names particularly in the field of arts whether it pertains to visual, performing and literary art. When it comes to the literary art form, poetry is very much alive in the Austrian capital. 

Viennese Actor Eyed as Next Bond Villain

Vienna has another addition to its list of successful people in the movie industry. It was just reported that Austrian actor Christoph Waltz recently signed to be the new villain in the next James Bond film. 

Born in Vienna, the 58-year-old actor became famous owing to his Oscar-winning roles in the Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained. Reports have it that he will replace British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor. 

Summer of Sounds at Museums Quartier

It's an exciting summer time in Vienna as a celebration of sounds take place in the MuseumsQuartier.

For the entire summer season spanning three months until the end of September, local residents and visitors will get to enjoy and explore sound, art and architecture as part of the Summer of Sounds festival. 

Movie Producers Love Filming in Vienna

Not many people know that the capital of Austria is a favorite setting and shooting spot for movies. In fact, there are an estimated 70 films with Vienna as the setting while there are some 33 movies shot in the city. 

This trend continues until today. Vienna has been receiving requests to film in the city and last year alone, the city received 343 film project requests. The number was up by 5.5 percent from the previous year. 

Popular Celebrities and Directors from Vienna

It is without a doubt that many people around the world know about the famous people who come from Vienna such as the famous musicians. But apart from them, the Austrian capital has produced more popular figures through the years including celebrities and film directors. Get to know some of them here.