Austrian Desserts Target UNESCO Heritage List

In the culinary field, Austria is well known for its cakes, pastries and not to mention, the wines. As such, the country is aiming to have its cake and pastry culture included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO.

Currently, the country’s famous desserts are the Sachertorte and the Kaiserschmarrn which is a shredded pancake. However, more sweet treats need to be highlighted the reason why there’s a campaign going on now to create a nationwide registry of Austrian desserts. This registry will feature dishes with a long tradition and purely Austrian made. The idea is also to showcase great but lesser known desserts from the country.

The IMAS Institute conduct a survey recently and found that 86 percent of Austrians prefer Sachertorte as their favorite dessert. It is followed by Kaiserschmarrn.

The chairman of the Friends of Austrian Pastry Culture points out pastries are a symbol of Austria similar to its classical music and mountains. The group involves representatives of the catering, bakery and confectionery sectors as well as those from the federal and state governments.

The UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list puts focus on dance, music, theatre and craftsmanship with a long tradition.


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  1. patricia mallory says:

    If that were all Austria had to offer,it would be a poor deal. Neither Kaiserschmarren nor Sachertorte are particularly good or unusual. But there are many, many desserts and pastries which are!!

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