Authentic Viennese Perfumes

Not many people are aware that apart from music, arts, coffeehouses, wine and pastries, Vienna also produces its own perfume. The tradition of making perfumes began during the Habsburg monarchy which made the Austrian capital known as a perfume city. Today, people can still purchase the genuine scents whether they were created using the original formula or the new version. 

It was during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy when perfume makers were in abundance in Vienna. Some of the well known perfumeries with a long tradition include J.B. Filz as well as Nagele & Strubell which were reported to be regular Imperial court suppliers. Both are located on am Graben.

J.B. Filz

One of J.B. Filz’s original perfumes is Eau de Lavende or lavender water for men and women. This was made popular by the novel The Strudlhof Steps of Heimito Doderer. The formula for this perfume dates back to 1892 and on the company’s 200th anniversary in 2009, it was launched once more. 

Wiener Lieblingsduft is the company’s older perfume which became famous in the middle of the 19th century. 


Knize is another well known perfumery in Vienna and an Imperial court supplier as well. It is behind the first men’s perfume line in the world called Knize Ten. This specific perfume’s name stands for 10 points which symbolizes ultimate elegance and is also the highest score in polo.  

Wiener Blut

The Wiener Blut company creates modern versions of the fragrances that originated in the Imperial period. This year, it launched its new unisex range of scents featuring six perfumes. 



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