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Best Places to Cool Down in Vienna

Summer in Vienna means heatwaves and not too many people are able to bear the high temperatures when outdoors. But thankfully, there are many places you can go to in Vienna to cool down and still enjoy the summer season. 


If you're the religious type of person or someone who just wants to explore places of worship, a visit to one of Vienna's churches will be worth your time. In the first district alone, there are already 25 churches in place. 

Vienna in the Fall

When the weather starts getting cooler, the air crisp, and the leaves start changing colors then you know that it’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to the golden hues of Fall. In Vienna it also means a change in activities around the city – but it doesn’t mean that the fun slows down! Here are some things that you can do in the city from the late weeks of September until November.

Vienna in the Summer

When the temperature goes above the 15-degree Celsius mark and there’s sunshine for more than seven hours a day, the city of Vienna heats up with lots of activities and fun events. In the summer, the locals generally head out of the city to go to vacation places and summer houses elsewhere. It is also the time when tourists flock to Vienna and soak up on all the interesting attractions which makes the city busier and livelier. Restaurants and coffee shops set up tables outside the shops so diners can enjoy the good weather.

Vienna in the Spring

In the springtime, Vienna becomes awash in colorful festivities and fun activities for the young and old. There are traditional celebrations observed by the locals as well as cultural events that attract visitors far and wide. Here are some of the most popular things that take place in Vienna in the spring: Easter Markets: After the Lenten season, the streets of Vienna come alive with local markets that offer traditional handmade and homemade items – from food to all sorts of crafts.