The Beauty of Volksgarten

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Vienna has its own version of New York’s Central Park and it is known as Volksgarten or People’s Park. Situated in the city’s first district particularly in the Innere Stadt, this place was opened to the public in 1823. The location used to have a bastion called Burgbastei which was demolished by Napoleon.

The park’s design is French formal style with geometric flowerbeds which make it an elegant place best for relaxation. Apart from its lovely flowers, there are fountains and chestnut trees in the area and the park is surrounded by some of Vienna’s most magnificent buildings. These include the neo-Gothic town hall, the baroque Hofburg Palace and the parliament which boasts of classical columns.

Volksgarten has many features that make it a popular tourist attraction in the Austrian capital. The most famous are the beautiful rose gardens. May and June are the most ideal times to be here when the flowers are in full bloom and are showing off their rainbow of colors.

This People’s Park also has the Theseus Temple built from 1819 to 1823 by Austrian architect Peter von Nobile. This is the replica of a Greek temple in honor of Hephaestus in the Ancient Agora of Athens. It originally housed the “Theseus and Minotaur” statue which was stolen.  

Another section has the monument of Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) of Bavaria done by Friedrich Ohmann in 1907. The Austrian empress who was killed by an Italian anarchist in 1898 is depicted here in a sitting position fronting a pond.

Statues of poets Franz Grillparzer and Karl von Hasenauer are also in place.

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