Best Art Schools in Vienna

If there is one international city that has produced quite a number of successful artists in the real sense of the word, it has to be Vienna. This is not surprising at all because the Austrian capital is home to some of the world’s best art schools. 

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna – Established in 1692, this school is one of the city’s oldest educational institutions of higher learning. Founded by painter Peter Strudt, the institution offers various art majors and accommodates both local Viennese and international students. Its university library feature ssome 110,000 volumes while its prints and drawings collection has an estimated 60,000 drawings and prints (including the works of Rembrandt and Durer). This specific graphic collection is considered to be the largest and most important collection of such kind in Austria.

University of Applied Arts Vienna – Originally the Angewandte founded in 1867, this was the first art school of its kind in Europe. It became an institution of higher educationt in 1941 and earned the university status by 1970. In 1998, it was renamed to the Universitat fur angewandte Kunste or the University of Applied Arts. Some famous artists who have studied here include Gustav Klimt, Karl Lagerfeld, Jil Sander, Vivienne Westwood and Stefan Sagmeister.  

Vienna Academy of Visionary Art – Situated right across the Hofburg Palace in the Palais Palffy, the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art teaches its students the classical painting techniques and promotes individual creativity. While implementing an academic approach, the faculty ensures that the students create their original compositions based on their personal ideas and designs. The programs it offers are short term ranging from two weeks to three months while the long term programs last up to three years. 



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